Zoosk dating service

Until November 2014, Zoosk charged no fee to start using the app and to send one message to another person.

Since November 2014, contact and interaction beyond the first message per person requires a premium (i.e., paid) subscription.

But there’s so much more to know about Zoosk, and we’ve got the details below — with 12 facts we bet you didn’t know.

From getting started to creating a profile to finding matches, we’ll walk you through what Zoosk has to offer.

Thereafter inform your bank to block them to take further money from you.

Don't leave to the last minute - you will forget it.

Two wanted to change the way I look ("you look nice but I would prefer longer hair...").

I am quite assertive and would consider myself reasonably attractive for my age (mid 40s regular exercise, healthy eating, wear a "chin-length-bob", natural makeup etc...).

The reason I gave 2 stars because there are some genuine people lurking around and made it to the dates, but in general, men are not very well cultured.

This is based on their brief profile description, interest, and the style of "online communication".

To find your match you would need to run so many extra miles including buying coins, invest lots of time by searching the search.

If you are into Tinder-style-dating (pictures only, no profile, or a few basic intro words) - this it might be the one for you - however why would you like to pay £25 month for this shallow way of hooking up with people?

Firstly, if you did subscribe to try and test it - Go to your Settings and make sure that you Cancel your Auto Subscription (this type of business should be illegal in the UK IMHO).

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