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We thank Curt and Tuyet-Hong for their many years of service. We are sad to announce that Peter Schlein, professor Emeritus at UCLA and long-time friend and colleague, died February 26 in Paris at the age of 75. Please e-mail: [email protected] and refer to this e-newsletter if you know anyone.A memorial was held in New York on March 9th 2008 Mirek Plavec, a UCLA Astronomy Emeritus Professor, passed away on January 23, 2008. Check the next e-newsletter for another dusty old picture to find Waldo, or you?UCLA particle physicists Cousins, Cline, and Hauser have been preparing for this for more than a decade, and are eagerly anticipating data that may provide answers to fundamental questions such as the number of dimensions of space and time, the mechanism of symmetry breaking (perhaps the Higgs particle), and so on.Recently the popular press has latched onto the possibility of microscopic black holes being produced by the LHC.For nearly 50 years, he cheerfully procured and distributed supplies to researchers working in the labs in Knudsen and Kinsey Halls.A true oral historian, he recalls “.of my jobs was to go out and buy blank cartridges for the guns that Knudsen used in the dead room.“ Curt’s work ethic and personal dedication will forever linger in the labs at UCLA. TUYET-HONG TRUONG-UNG was a careful and diligent steward of the department’s finances while also providing counsel on and supervision of all aspects of the department’s financial business.

Microscope sees with Nanoscale Resolution: A team of researchers from UCLA, Argonne National Lab and the Australian Synchrotron, led by John Miao, have demonstrated, for the first time, that resonant X-ray diffraction microscopy can be used to image buried structures with nanoscale resolution.

See article Research Conducted using the UCLA Physics Saxon Cluster: A team of UCLA particle physics researchers (led by Charles Plager), which has been searching for the Flavor Changing Neutral Current (FCNC) decay of the top quark, announced a breakthrough on February 14, 2008 See article “Deep in a dim cavern, UCLA physicist Bob Cousins scrambled onto a catwalk straddling the six-story detector known as the Compact Muon Solenoid,....

”CMS Research In a few months, a new frontier at the high energy end of physics will be opened when the LHC accelerator starts smashing beams of protons together at the CERN laboratory.

JOIN THE BOARD OF PAAL As a Board Member you help create goals, design plans, suggest innovations and set the direction of the department for future decades.

Board Members are an integral part of making sure that UCLA Physics and Astronomy is center stage in the universe of Physics and Astronomy. For more information or to volunteer for the board contact Diana Thatcher at [email protected] Women L, XL, XXL & 1X - red, white,green, black please note - sizes are small - large will fit small or medium size, large - medium or large etc.

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