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Applying for the proper permits is your first step.

You're ready to get started on your new development or home renovation.Land grants dating from Governor Macquarie's day were still unsurveyed: boundaries of these 'old farms' were the cause of many a dispute.Taking the initiative, Hoddle wrote to Oxley, 'I shall endeavour to settle them without troubling you if possible.' Hoddle made the first of his many forays south, past Camden, crossing the Shoalhaven River into the County of St Vincent, the region now known as the Southern Highlands.In October 1824 he accompanied Oxley north to Moreton Bay, mapping the coast around Redcliffe, the site originally selected for the new penal settlement but relinquished in favour of a site on the magnificent, newly-discovered Brisbane River.Hoddle wrote that he considered the Aborigines he encountered in the northern region 'certainly superior to the savages of the south of New Holland', describing and making a rapid sketch of 'the place they met in, to corroboree and settle quarrels'.

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