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Each suspect is led to believe Hightower is in a different room at the Pacific Palms Hotel.They install cameras in each room, and whichever room the assassin sent by Red John enters would tell them which suspect is the mole.The following day, Van Pelt invites O'Laughlin to accompany her to protect Hightower, taking over from Lisbon.Meanwhile, Jane invites Bertram out to the mall under the pretense of meeting Hightower to discuss turning herself in, hoping to lure out Red John.Hightower reveals that James was her cousin who had been sending her money (which explains why Red John was after the transaction records).

When it becomes clear that Jane's arch nemesis, the serial killer Red John, is involved, Jane and Lisbon reveal that there is a mole within the CBI working for Red John and that their ex-boss Madeline Hightower, now in hiding, is innocent of a murder.They find out that James was related to Madeleine Hightower, which immediately alerts Jane that Red John was behind everything, and is hunting Hightower.Jane returns to his motel room where he has been staying and Hightower (Aunjanue Ellis) seeks him out.Dinkler arrived at the gas station to deliver the CDs to Gupta, but the plan went awry when the police arrived and Gupta was forced to set off the bomb.With the CDs ending up as evidence kept by the CBI, Gupta then set up a trap to get a CBI agent to retrieve the CDs for him.

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