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He advocated for reduced taxes, electoral reform, cuts on defence spending, and an increased focus on environmental issues.As a result of the 2010 general election, Clegg's Liberal Democrats found themselves with 57 seats in the House of Commons.He says, "There is simply not a shred of racism in me, as a person whose whole family is formed by flight from persecution, from different people in different generations. It's one of the reasons I am a liberal." He has said of languages that "The danger is that we [in the UK] can afford to be lazy about languages, because they all want to speak English – English is the most useful, the global language bar none.But I don't think we should allow that luxury to be a sort of alibi not to learn languages." and later at Westminster School in Central London.After the internship he studied for a master's degree at the College of Europe in Bruges, a university for European studies in Belgium, where he met his wife, Miriam González Durántez, a lawyer and the daughter of a Spanish senator.In 1993, Clegg won the Financial Times' David Thomas Prize, in remembrance of an FT journalist killed on assignment in Kuwait in 1991. He was later sent to Hungary, where he wrote articles about the mass privatisation of industries in the former communist bloc.

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Clegg has maintained he has "no recollection of that whatsoever".

Born in Buckinghamshire, Clegg was educated at the University of Cambridge, the University of Minnesota, and the College of Europe.

He served as a journalist for the Financial Times before becoming a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) in 1999.

He was involved in negotiations with Russia on airline overflight rights, and launched a conference in Tashkent in 1993 that founded TRACECA—an international transport programme for the development of a transport corridor for Europe, the Caucasus and Asia.

Vice-President and Trade Commissioner Leon Brittan then offered Clegg a job in his private office, as a European Union policy adviser and speech writer.

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