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One-month tourist (T) and ordinary (E) visas are AVAILABLE ON ARRIVAL at the international airports in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh for and . Visas are also available through Cambodian embassies abroad and at most international overland border crossings. In short it states that surrogacy in Cambodia is banned, but it doesn’t say how it will be banned or how it will be enforced.

The Health Ministry prohibition has also been criticized for lacking either enforcement or bureaucratic support.

but it has effectively ended surrogacy in Cambodia for Western couples.

You can read the latest on Surrogacy in Cambodia in the Sensible Surrogacy blog.

Although surrogacy in Cambodia is now banned, standard fertility treatments will not be affected by the restriction.

IVF procedures can continue as planned, oocytes can be imported/exported from the country, embryos can be conceived and moved to alternative clinics.

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