Open ended questions for speed dating

Talk about her, talk about you/your organization, laugh together, get sentimental together.

In other words, don't make it all about you or take yourself too seriously.

#3: Topics, Topics, Topics Okay, you're meeting a girl you have never met before, and you have to talk to her for anywhere from 5-20 minutes straight. Have an idea of what you want to talk about, and where to take the conversation if it needs some help.

You want to have the best conversation possible with each PNM, to get to know her without the little factors (like feeling nervous) getting in the way.

The PNM's replies should require more than simply a "yes" or "no" answer. Nobody likes to have questions fired at them (which feels more like an interview) so talk about each topic a little before moving on to the next.

And although the experience did not pan out as well for me as FIP did (though I did meet some really nice people), my roommates and I compiled a few universal truths about Speed Dating that, it turns out, were also 100% applicable to FIP: (This last truth is something that, thankfully, was applicable to a number of my FIP interviews.) Overall, Speed Dating and FIP were both fantastic experiences in my YLS career (FIP a bit more than actual Speed Dating), and it is my dearest wish that future YLS-ers look forward to both with anticipation.

In total, students generally participate in 20-60 interviews over the course of FIP.

Although I was initially terrified out of my mind about FIP (I had very little experience interviewing, but quite a lot of experience saying dumb things when people asked me questions), I quickly found that I loved the whole process.

#5: Be Friends Once you break the ice, treat the conversation as you would with an old friend. It's an honor to recruit the new members that will carry on your chapter's legacy long after your graduation. You'll be celebrating with your new members at Bid Day before you know it! don't forget to check out our Master List of Bid Day Themes!

K., 2L The summer before 2L year (and 3L year if a student so desires), law students have the exciting opportunity to participate in the Fall Interview Program.

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