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Maybe I’m just too captivated by the sparkling stars to just say anything.Maybe I won’t see them now in real life but perhaps when I fall in love. Since no football, cricket ball, tennis ball, baseball or even the lacrosse ball crashing through my window, I guess it’s not happening, huh?

Apparently Wakabayashi is waiting at the marshmallow stall. Partly I am to blame for having this sort of expectation. But Hige thinks she might have forgotten she had an umbrella in her bag.Isamu thinks his sister who likes hot men is being deceived by Hige. One day, Wakabayashi just hands over a packet of marshmallows to him. The reason why the duo is having the same dream is thanks to Well…On second thought, I wouldn’t want any ball to come breaking my window because I don’t want to clean up after. When you think of them you think of how much they are as snacks during camping times. So what if we use marshmallows as a theme for love? I doubt there had been any films or series using marshmallows (no, Ghostbusters doesn’t count) as part of the romance theme so it was pretty strange when I first came across . He would love to have one had not he been too conscious that everyone is looking at them. Wakabayashi points out it is because this is a women only coach! She tries to feed him a marshmallow but you wonder if she is just purposely messing with his face since she can’t see. At the end of the tour, the kids get to savour the free marshmallows fresh from production.

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