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But its people like those you see in the streets who build these tall buildings and work hard inside the offices to create new hope and dreams for themselves and other people. Like an embroidery piece that requires many hours of cross-stitching threads with a small, thin needle, the people in the city are the fabric of society.We live winding lives that are not ordinary inasmuch as they are precious to our very existence.One day, he meets Eun-chan, a cheerful girl who has an unpredictable personality, and learns the meaning of true love...is a story about a group of young people who find themselves drawn to the gourmet coffee business where they also find love and new hope.

This was the first time and place where coffee was introduced to a Korean.Abhorring the idea of joining the family business, he is ordered by his grandmother to manage a caf.Unable to disobey his grandmother, he reluctantly takes over the responsibility of running a caf and begins to immerse himself in the gourmet coffee business.She supports her family who live in a small one-room rooftop apartment. To reach her career goals, she first has to deal with the cold and aloof Han-gyeol who she finds herself falling for... i have watched already the whole story and i love to watch it again and again.Since her father loved the taste of coffee, she developed an uncanny ability of telling apart different coffee just from smelling them. the show currently enjoys a great success in the Philippines, reaching a peak of 37.6% rating, according from Wikipedia.

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