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(The building itself was designed collaboratively by S9 Architecture and Perkins Eastman.) The fun stuff also includes a basketball court and a 10,000 square-foot landscaped recreation area.

The project boldly wades into a Brooklyn office market that’s seen 900,000 newly created square feet come on line this year, raising the borough’s total office inventory to 45 million square feet.

The “cool factor” looms huge in today’s office leasing.Even with its curtain wall yet to be installed, the project cuts a striking profile on a 60,000-square-foot site jutting out into the East River.A hard-hat stroll through its still-skeletal innards revealed eye-popping views of passing ships and the lower Manhattan skyline.Its premise was conceived by Adam Di Vello, while Liz Gateley and Sean Travis served as executive producers.The series originally focused on Whitney Port, who appeared in its predecessor, as she began employment with Diane von Fürstenberg.

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