Dating site that matches faces

The app’s algorithm also takes into account the quality of the conversation when deciding how fast to reveal your match.

Schenk says the idea behind this new approach is "to put personality on a level playing field with physical appearances." FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE FOX LIFESTYLE NEWS So if physical attraction isn’t a priority, Taffy might be the perfect app for you.

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You teach the app what kind of face you like, and it goes from there. Borcea, the chair of the computer science department at NJIT, supervised the graduate students who developed the app.

SELF-DESTRUCTING PHONES ARE FINALLY A REALITY “Someone downloads the app and then has the ability to train the app with faces that that person might like to date,” Borcea told Fox News.

Those photos inform Face Date what type of facial features a person is looking for in a potential dating partner; the app looks for a match based on factors like facial geometry or shape, Borcea said, or hair or eye color.

By Rohit’s measure, there’s “a long way to go,” but the first sign bucking this conventional wisdom has surprised even its founder: The app has found its biggest user base in Los Angeles.

If the city the city we love to hate for its superficiality is on board, who knows?

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