Dating is horrible

Luckily, I had arrived just after the morning rush and was able to find a spot just out of the baristas’ field of vision.An introvert’s paradise, it was completely devoid of human life and incapable of sustaining social interaction.The problem is he’s only got until the end of his next date to figure out what to do next.I entered a crowded Starbucks doing my best to maintain my now-infamously cool demeanor as the two baristas attempted to greet me from behind the counter.Naturally, the best-laid plans seldom came to fruition.

dating is horrible-72

Now wasn’t the time for me to be gazing at a screen.

We hardly ever went out at night because he “wasn’t a night person.” He was also very fond of meeting me on my side of town despite me living in the most boring part of the city. There was something I needed to understand about myself today, and I had the rest of the morning to figure it out.

Sean would be the latest entry in a line of disastrous dating scenarios I often found myself in.

With that realization, let’s just say keeping my composure was the least of my concerns.

I should have known there would be some sort of catch.

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