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These representations of time are mainly for internal use.

If an end user interaction with dates and times is required, the software will nearly always convert this internal number into a date and time representation that is comprehensible to humans.

Time measurement units are counted from the epoch so that the date and time of events can be specified unambiguously.

Events taking place before the epoch can be dated by counting negatively from the epoch, though in pragmatic periodization practice, epochs are defined for the past, and another epoch is used to start the next era, therefore serving as the ending of the older preceding era.

The epoch moment or date is usually defined by a specific clear event, condition, or criterion—the epoch event or epoch criterion—from which the period or era or age is usually characterized or described.

The official Japanese system numbers years from the accession of the current emperor, regarding the calendar year during which the accession occurred as the first year.

Different astronomers or groups of astronomers used to define epochs to suit themselves, but in these days of speedy communications, the epochs are generally defined in an international agreement, so astronomers worldwide can collaborate more effectively.

The "epoch" then serves as a reference point from which time is measured.Such calculations generally result in an elliptical path on a plane defined by some point on the orbit, and the two foci of the ellipse.Viewing from another orbiting body, following its own trace and orbit, creates shifts in three dimensions in the spherical trigonometry used to calculate relative positions.While logically January 0, 1900 is equivalent to December 31, 1899, these systems do not allow users to specify the latter date.Since 1900 is incorrectly treated as a leap year in these systems, January 0, 1900 actually corresponds to the historical date of December 30, 1899.

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