Christina applegate ed o neill dating

Christina and her mother lived alone, struggling to make ends meet.

Nancy Priddy was a singer and actress who often brought Christina to her sets.

In 1974, Christina scored a campaign with K-Mart for a series of radio commercials.

With the money she earned she was able to buy a house when she was just seven years old.

Her father later remarried and had two children (Christina's half-siblings Alisa and Kyle).

Christina starred in the low-budget horror film "Jaws of Satan" with her mother.

Soon after that, her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Christina scored appearances on TV shows like "Charles in Charge" and "Silver Spoons" in the early-mid '80s.

Nancy once got a call from a "Days Of Our Lives" casting agent for a mother and a baby to be on the show; Christina played a male baby called Burt Grizzel.

They both then did a commercial for Playtex Nurser collaspable bottles in 1972.

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