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After the Battle of Cajamarca during the Spanish Conquest of the Inca, Francisco Pizarro sent Martin Bueno and two other Spaniards to transport the gold and silver from the Temple of Coricancha to Cajamarca, the base of the Spanish.

They found the Temple of the Sun "covered with plates of gold", which the Spanish ordered removed in payment for Atahualpa's ransom.

While appearing to be ceremonial in nature, the exact function remains unknown.

This culture built structures and occupied the site for hundreds of years before the Inca, between 9 AD.

According to Inca oral history, Tupac Inca "remembered that his father Pachacuti had called city of Cuzco the lion city.

The stones used in the construction of these terraces are among the largest used in any building in prehispanic America.

The ropes were so impressive that they warranted mention by Diego de Trujillo (19 [1571]) as he inspected a room filled with building materials.

The stones were shaped into their final form at the building site and then laid in place.

Descriptions of the siege, as well as excavations at the site, had recorded towers on the summit of the site, as well as a series of other buildings.

For example Pedro Sancho, who visited the complex before the siege, mentions the labyrinth-like quality of the complex and its many storage rooms filled with a wide variety of items.

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