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Production companies Talesmith; Cineflix Commissioner Diene Petterle Length 1 x 60 minutes TX 9pm, 2 January 2018, BBC2Executive producers Martin Williams; Glen Salzman Producers André Barro; Ruth Roberts Writer Ruth Roberts Directors Mark Everest; Martin Williams Edit producer Pete Chinn Editor Matt Lowe Line producer Fiona Mc Donald Do P Rob Vroom Who doesn’t love a dinosaur story?Few animals on Earth, past or present, spark the imagination like the Tyrannosaurus rex.How could we capture the work of these great palaeontologists embracing new disciplines to turn back time? After all, this was a classic detective narrative, rebuilding from the bones up, with every twist and turn reshaping what was accepted as the norm – from its colour to its feathers, its inability to roar, and the juvenile being unrecognised as the same species until just last year.We needed scientific consultants to help redesign the and back up what will only ever be educated speculation about a creature that has been extinct for 66 million years.

But what is this BBC Two HD channel likely to bring to the UK viewing public?Capturing the boom As I write this in the glow of concluding the final mix in Montreal, my most sincere message to all producers is simple: avoid infrasonic animals.The most realistic ‘roar’, a low-frequency ‘boom’, sounds remarkable in the 5.1 booth, but it’s a tougher ask on the lightweight laptop that some of the audiences will watch it on.This gave us the perfect foundation upon which to layer in the muscles, each one painstakingly matched to tiny indentations on the fossils that showed where the animal’s tendons and muscles had been attached. Using reptilian references, we were able to give our CGI model texture.By analysing the distribution of pigment cells within therapod fossils, we knew that was probably patterned like a modern bird of prey. We based its movements on gait algorithms built by scientists who’d studied trackways in Texas and the locomotion of ostriches; and from data provided by a team in Chile that had studied how chickens walk when you add a makeshift ‘tail’. CT studies of its inner ear provided surprising results. rex communicated with a deep, infrasonic call – this was an animal that didn’t roar, but rather rumbled and grumbled its way through the Cretaceous.

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