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They fought many wars against the Kong Empire, and other Akan states (Fente, Bono, and Akym).

Slave Trade Europeans initially purchased slaves from the existing slave markets within these African kingdoms which were traditionally supplied by prisoners of war and locals convicted of crimes.

Nubia, also known as Cush, built more – albeit smaller – pyramids (pictured above) than Egypt, and eventually conquered and ruled Egypt during its 25th Dynasty (760 BC–656 BC).

Although this area is not located in western Africa, some suggest archaeological evidence and written Egyptian records could prove that ties existed between Ancient Egypt, Nubia, and the Sao/Gajiganna – Zilum Civilizations.

In this one post we will journey through a largely untold history of African Americans from 2000 BC to 2000 AD.

based on the discovery of pottery and terracotta sculptures (pictured above) at several sites in the area.

The vast majority came from Western Africa (shaded area below) whose history is a story of the rise and fall of many kingdoms and empires.The king of Kongo voluntarily converted to Christianity and encouraged conversion among its people.After the demise of the golden age empires, the western African landscape became dominated by the rise of smaller ethnic independent states some of which created their own empires.Although engaged in constant warfare, the central part of the empire enjoyed relative stability and prosperity as noted by first time Scottish Explorer Mongo Park.When traveling through Segou he wrote “The view of this extensive city, the numerous canoes on the river, the crowded population, and the cultivated state of the surrounding countryside, formed altogether a prospect of civilization and magnificence that I little expected to find in the bosom of Africa.” was one of the states that also rose amidst the declining Songhay Empire.

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